Thursday, 17 September 2009

the ££££s have been flying out my purse recently; on clothes, make-up and various others goodies which are being used to soothe my soul and mend my frail nerves - my best friend and boifriend are both leaving me for uni on saturday and sunday respectively. my heart feels like its going to break and i've spent the last week with eyes glassy with tears and red-rimmed raw from rubbing! oh god. im going to miss them so much!

okay. purchases! this first one is a dress that i saw on a girl on a tube in London, and was too frightened to ask where she got it from and thus thought it had slipped from my grasp forever! then, i was walking down my high-street and it WINKED at me from the window! it's gorgeous, and it was gorgeously cheap - £15 from a werid chavvy shop that concealed a few gems! its not exactly my usual tastes but i just think the flowers along the bottom are so pretty - it makes me want to wind flowers in my hair! i wanted a daytime maxi dress all summer so the only shame is that i finally get one when summer has slipped away :(

the second lot of goodies are from our old-time favourite - Lush! i only popped in there to browse while R went to pay a parking fine (what a twit....£60 that should've been spent on meee! haaa) and i ended up coming out with a few things that ive been desperate to try!

Honey Trap Lip Balm - this was an impulse buy; i saw the words "white chocolate" and "honey" and i HAD to have. im not really a lip product person - i don't EVER wear lipstick (tho i wish i did) and can't remember the last time i wore a lipgloss, so i thought id branch out to a lipbalm instead! it smells absolutely gorgeous and so it should, with ingredients like white chocolate, honey and vanilla and is incredibly moisturising and yummy on the lips! i have yet to find out if it is boi-approved tho, as i had to hid my Lush bag from R as he disapproves of my hobby (ie. shopping).

American Cream Conditioner - this is another sweet-smelling, vanillary product that i seemed drawn to! ive heard good things about this and will review properly when i have used it. for now, i shall say that the scent of vanilla, strawberries and oranges is delicious!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb - with all this stress with uni and being abandoned by two people i love most in the world, i thought id treat myself to a bath bomb to pop in the bath to relax. this one passed the sniff test with flying colours - all with almost all Lush's products, this smells DIVINE! its incredibly sweet and smells of a mixture of honey and caramel...a winning combination! i shall review when i have used it.

the lovely people at Lush also gave me samples of the Brazened Honey facemask and Rehab shampoo, the former of which claire (little love) and I shall be sampling tonight on our girls night in!

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