Friday, 11 September 2009

recently, i've been shrouding myself in darkness - wearing black, midnight blues, asphalt, stormy greys and craving the detailing of some shiny silver in the form of studs. my craving has now been satisfied (for now) with this gorgeous pair of boots from... M&S of all places! they were actually brought to my attention when my best friend, claire (of bought them and i fell in love. my mother actually bought them for me, having accquired some M&S vouchers anyway but they retail at a reasonable £35.
i just love them so much - i feel instantly edgier and walk with a certain swagger when i wear them. ive been teaming them with lots of black but am currently searching for a wonderfully girlie chiffony pale pink dress to pair them with.

enough talk, here are the shoes!

EDIT: oh and this is me and my homegurl (claire) when we went for a girls night out to the Roxy club in London...brilliant night out with cheap drinks (cocktail pitchers for £7...yummy!) and music that makes you want to "body-pop"! i love her so much.

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love buzz. said...

omg, your new boots are beautiful. <3