Sunday, 31 May 2009

i've decided my posts have all been a little morbid as of late, so i shall try and lighten the mood (especially as i might actually have some readers now - hi sister!). exams are fast approaching, however and all i want to do is burrow into my bed and resurface in three weeks, conviniently in time for my 18th birthday - THREE WEEKS today. i'm more excited than i care to admit - there's something immensely unattractive about someone who harps continously about their impending birthday. (BUT NO REALLY I AM SO EXCITED!!!).

actually, i'd quite like to resurface a tiny bit earlier, in time for prom (and rachel's birthday of course). i have finally found a dress! i love it to pieces - it hugs and skims all the right places (i think...i hope!) and am waiting impatiently for it arrive.

oh, and i really miss R :'(


Anonymous said...

ye just a wee bit morbid, but so beautifully written! damn yu with yur amazing writing skills! im going to make my blog pictures only :p

Name: Binya said...

No! I hate picture only blogs...they irritate me to no end!