Friday, 30 January 2009

violent little marks pock my skin! red and volcanic - as if they are angry at me! the anger is miscontrued, may i say - it is i who is any at them! i am sick and tired of having to cower and cover my face in shame, coat my burning cheeks with pale glossy liquid and peach coloured fairy feathery dust. i am ashamed of myself, entirely. i loathe it! its unnatural and fake - a pretence!
everything is a pretence, how awful. demanour? countenance?
i feel so helpless - just like how the obnoxious can't fail at being rude,
i just can't help being helpless.

also, we are lacking in lemons which is quite unfortunate as i am quite eager to make a lemon drizzle cake and somewhat feel that a lemon drizzle cake will not be feasible without the lemon? bitter, bitter, bitter circumstances!

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