Monday, 5 December 2011

Bonnie Somerville - Winding Road

so, my other half/yin to my yang/louise to my thelma/BEST FRIEND IN DA UNIVERSE (aka. claire at little love) completely upped her game in the best bud stakes and sent me a care package from the U.S of A!

it contained a multitude of wonderful things, each carefully selected and chosen (i hope!) to bring smiles to my generous cheeks! inside i found; a mascara (called fairy drops, how cute!), Ole Miss Hotty Totty knickers, Ole' Miss chocolate, Urban Decay primer samples, sephora primer tester, a DONT DO DRUGS pen, philosophy shower gel and my all time favourite perfume!

this last particular inclusion is quite possible the best thing she could've sent me. about half year ago, i discovered the most divine scent - The Body Shop's Vanilla Perfume Oil.

unfortunately, as with all utterly brilliant things, TBS decided to discontinue it in the U.K and despite my hardcore looking, a frantic search for back-up bottle was not fruitful. luckily for me, they still sell in the the U.S, so having a best friend there for a year has turned out to be rather handy.

this stuff is MAGIC - you dab on a teensy bit on your wrist and neck (pules points people) and the boys go gaga for it! everytime i wear, i have men (and women) telling me that i smell amazing- friends, ticket inspectors, random strangers in clubs/bars. it's INSANE - so i'm very glad to have my signature scent once more upon my person. this miniscule bottle last around 6 months with everyday use, and at around $12 is consequently, a BARGAIN!

what's your signature scent? and has a company ever decided to discontinue your HG item? vent below!


Anonymous said...

this perfume sounds perfecccctttt! so gutted it's dicontinued :( you're so lucky that your friend found it! xx

Anonymous said...

anytime darling!!! You know I love you and if postage&packing was free I would be shopping for you everyday I miss you soooo much!! xxxx

jennifer june said...

I got one of the Body Shop perfume oils for Christmas and it is AMAZING!! I want it in every scent!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

hope you had a lovely christmas! happy new year, lovely xxx

Anonymous said...

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