Sunday, 12 December 2010

In California, Joanna Newsom
this is one of my favourite songs in the whole wide world and though it's a little slow to start, as it progresses your heart will grow and swell,
with pride and you'll want to tell your dearest friends about this little song - i swear it's true (and just FYI, the best bit starts at one minute fifty-two).

residing in central london means that i pass a plethora of shops on a daily basis (sometimes twice or even thrice!) and temptation can be had to resist. so one day, i didn't and i bought these gorgeously elegant, jewelled chandelier earrings.
thank you accessorize!
ps. Lorna at Haphazard Afternoon has a wonderful little blog that is feeling rather unloved, so go over and check it out; she's even having a giveaway!


Bee said...

I've been a follower of your blog for a while but have never commented before. I just wanted to say you are a true natural beauty and look fantastic in all of your photos.


Unemployed Undergraduate said...

You have beautiful skin. x

Binia said...

thank you so much Bee, that means a lot to me :) (I readily admit, that it takes 50+ photos to get one I like though!)

Unemployed graduate, thank you! My skin was awful for eight years so it makes me so happy when someone says it looks nice!

kirstyb said...

beautiful pictures xxxx

Lorna said...

I have those same earrings!! Well, I used to anyway, but I wore them on Halloween and haven't actually seen them since. I'm excellent at losing earrings :-/

Lorna said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me xx

Barttart said...

I love those earrings! They are very elegant :) Ill go check out you friends blog too ;)

northwest is best said...

Nice earrings! Accessorise has some lovely things. Plus I walk past one of their shops most days. They're just too convenient!

Anonymous said...

i was passing by your blog and decided to read it
i just may say - WOW
its amazing)
i started to follow you
it will be great if you follow me TOO

much love