Sunday, 28 March 2010

stop what you're doing. CALL THE PRESS! my skin no longer looks so hideously repulsive that i burrow in my bed and refuse to resurface. all thanks to some products in pretty blue glass bottles. after reading Tali's post on her rejuvinated love for Neal's Yard, i made a descision to treat myself 1nce i had handed in my coursework (which, incidentally, for those interested, i finished and handed in a day late. :'(, goodbye five marks).

i went to the original shop, at Neal's Yard in covent garden, and armed with my 20% coupon (thank you Marie Claire), i bought the Rose Facial Wash, Rose Water and Rose & Mallow moisturiser. the fact that this range is organic and has all-natural ingredients is definiately a drawing point, as i think slatheri
ng on chemical-rich products onto skin isn't the best idea!

Rose Facial Wash: i use this after i've removed my makeup with a facial w
ipe (thought this does remove makeup, i just prefer using a wipe first) and it removes any traces of makeup leftover. its extremley gentle, doesn't agravate my extremley sensitive skin or give that horrible "tight" feeling that some facewashes do! it's a gel cleanser that foams up slightly, and it also smells ever so slightly of roses, which i really like!

Rose Water: i LOVE this stuff. i apply this to a cleansed face by dabbing some onto a cotton pad and wiping over my face. it balances my skin (goodbye shiny shiny!) and closes up my pores, so that my foundation doesn't accentuate them.

Rose & Mallow Moisturiser: this is also another extremly wonderful find! i was stuck between this and the Yarrrow and Comfrey, but the latter smelled very strange, so i plumped for the first! this is perfect for combination skin; it moisturises my dry flaky bits without making the rest of my skin a greaseball. it soaks into the skin really quickly, and like the Rose Water, just leaves your skin feeling really...balanced.

i've been using them for the last four days and my skin has been thanking me for it! my skin is calm, balanced and i've seen a marked improvment in the size and frequency of blemishes. currently, i have none!! i even braved the webcam makeup free (tho, everyone looks better in webcam pictures admittedly!)

on a similar note, i had bought Olay's Complete Care Senstive Beauty Fluid, SPF 15 after reading Bubblegarm's post on it, and it was HORRIBLE to my skin :(
it made me break out and all these little white bumps appeared on my skin (that Neal's Yard has managed to rectify)!

what products work for you? and what ones JUST DON'T??


Tali said...

Amazing post.
1st of all you look stunning and you skin is glowing with health.

2nd I have to try that moisturizer but it is ALWAYS sold out when i remember to look for it! When my Rose Day cream runs out im deffo trying that one!!

3rd great blog. You deserve more viewrs!! xx

Binia said...

aww, shucks, youre making me blush! :D
i'm just so happy that literally, after years of battling with my skin, it has finally found something it likes!

Catanya said...

I am looking forward to trying Neals Yards products soon! I have read so many great reviews about this brand that I am so curious!
Your skin looks beautiful, honey!
New follower here! Nice blog! XX

Binia said...

Catayna, thank you :)
and definiately try the products, im a total convert now! and the bottles are just so pretty!

Natalie said...

ur skin is perfect! so this must really work :))))

jennie said...

Great post lovely! Your skin is gorgeous xoxo