Monday, 22 March 2010

ooh, it's been a wee while! i've been weighed down with worries, with studies and with LIFE. still horrendously crippled with my workload ; remember that essay i said i had to begin reading for amonth ago? yeah? STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED THE READING AND ITS DUE THURSDAY. however, i am almost done meaning that rather than writing 8pm - 8am then handing it in for the 10am deadline, i may actually have a little more time!

ive been procrastinating, tho, as every student does reading SO MANY BLOGS, including Marcia's blog, Let there be shopping: she is having THE MOST AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

i have also cleaned all my makeup brushes - i flushed so red when i saw how yucky they were! they will be getting a bath every week now, if not more! my liquid foundation brushes (the E.L.F flat top stuudio powder brush) were especially icky, but as i have three i shall rotate them according, as they take about two days to dry!

moving on to my favourite things this month! we have; Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, Rouge Bunny Rouge foundation, Revlon PhotoReady foundation and Sleek pallette in Storm.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque: if you have oily, combination acne prone skin, GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS. its only avaliable in the US, for a measly $3 i believe but luckily, we have a family friend out there who kindly sent it to me after i wouldn't stop going on about it to my mother (otherwise, Ebay is your answer, tho theyve upped the price to £8ish on there!!). anyway, this is bright green, smells exactly like toothpaste and is quite thick in consistency. ive been slathering this over my face almost everyday for the past two weeks and my breakouts have calmed down significantly (they were getting better cause i'm on antibiotics, but i still had a few pesky blemishes). it really calms down red, irritated skin and leaves the face matte and slightly tight. it can be a teeny bit drying, so always follow up with a moisturiser. but I'S LOVES THIS.

Rogue Bunny Rouge & Revlon PhotoReady: i'm gonna review these bad bois together as i've been mixing them up to make a lovely, matte yet slightly radiant foundation. the rogue bunny rogue was the most expensive foundation ive EVER bought (i can thank the gorgeous Tali for that!) and on it's own, provi
des quite sheer coverage that isn't really buildable and leaves your skin looking quite matte (i have this in 025, almond i think!). the revlon photoready, which i managed to get my hands on from my local Boots when i was home last weekend, was in comparison much more reasonable priced, and i have 002 Vanilla. it's a tiny bit too light but the next shade down, 003 Shell, seemed alot more orange and oxidised on my hand as i walked around the store trying to not buy ANOTHER foundation. clearly i failed. i won't go on about it because its received millions of reviews already; ill say that it gives medium-full coverage, the sparkles really aren't THAT noticeable and simply look pretty and it just gives a flawless look.
however, mixing the two together give me the exact right colour, a matte yet slightly glowy complexion that lasts pretty much all day, with no nasty oxidisation or settling oil on top of my skin (Estee Lauder DoubleWear, i'm looking at you!). i am so happy with this hybrid of foundation!

Sleek Palette in Storm: ive had this baby for ages and love it to pieces; i sing all the usual Sleek praises - highly pigmented eyeshadows, longlasting and gorgeous colours for teeny tiny prices! but particularly ive been loving two shades that i hadnt even touched before a month ago (and ive had this six mont
hs?). this is the nude along the top row, third from the left and the dark brown on the bottom row, second from the right.

ive been pairing the nude all over my eyelid with just a brown liquid kitten flick (no mascara) foundation and blusher, and it gives a really pretty, natural and subtle look. ive been using the brown to define my eyebrows - something which i had NEVER done before but was a result from a particularly snoozful evening. i use a slanted brush and very carefully just swipe some on in featherlike, soft movements.

i'll be back soon; i have to tackle this gross essay and get it DONE AND DUSTED. wish me luck!


Rocaille said...

Really love that palette too, just used it today on a friend and she liked it :) I have to try Mint Julep sometime! xxx

Binia said...

ooh youve got to try it! i mixed it with honey this evening and it was lovely; made my skin so soft and sorted out the slight dryness issue!

SOPHIE said...

Where did you get the palette from? I am going travelling soon and could do with something like that! Bonus that it's not too expensive incase it gets lost/stolen too.