Wednesday, 6 January 2010

today, was an expensive day (i sense a trend emerging...) but COMPLETELY worth it. for months - well around two since my black handbag had broken - i had conjured up an image in my head of a pillarbox red, quilted, chain strap medium size handbag that could accomdate my notebooks, but not bludgeon small children while walking down the pavement. it failed to appear under the xmas tree and i had replaced it with a midnight black square in my urban outfitters order, a dream which was soon quashed when they emailed me to tell me that they had to cancel that item from my order because it was unavaliable. LIKE WHAT.

in order to sooth my handbagless soul, i loped off my local shopping centre with the int
ent to buy warm clothes to wear while working in bitingly cold conditions, as my shop concludes that customers are too stupid to deduce whether or not the shop is open if the doors are shut and consequently, the doors are kept open all day (YES even in snow). this, in conjunction with the broken heating (read: NO heating) means that six-hour shifts are plagued with knocking knees and fingers tinged blue from the cold. ANYWAY, whilst in Topshop, i saw IT. hanging nonchantly on the rail, WINKING at me in all its wicked, scarlet i bought it. thats not even the best was on sale at virtually half price. its LOVE.


Anonymous said...

AHHH! its a beauty! i love love love it. i want it! but not in red as that would clash with the hair, but its the perfect bag!

Mila said...

love it!

Lauren Goddard said...

I love that feeling when you find exactly what you want! And it's easy to justify spending when it's half price. haha.

x x x

AVY said...

That looks really good.

audrey said...

that's an amazing bag! and the colour is si pretty! thanks for sharing^^
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