Tuesday, 1 September 2009

ive spent the last three nights furiously glued to my computer screen, ignoring heavy eyelids and denying yawns the capacity in which to exist. why? because of TRUE BLOOD. having been recommended this MONTHS ago by my best friend, claire, i cannot fathom why i waited so long to watch this. it has been often touted as an older, darker and downright dirtier version of twlight, and i agree, bar the twlight bit. i think i prefer this? its certainly not lacking in bois - i should say men really - who will pierce your dreams with delightfully wicked whispers. a character called Eric is the focus of my attentions, tho admittedly not at first (at the beginning, i loathed him - how wrong could i be!). he plays the part of a vampire, turned when he was a Viking in Sweden i think, resulting in him being fuckably tall, broad shouldered and blond (i usually fall for dark & handsome). he exudes an air of superiority that is surprisingly attractive - one can suppose that the line between confidence and arrogance is too small to be noticed and both are utterly irresitable anyway.

(i just think this is a show that should be watched)
honestly, these photos do him NO justice.

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