Thursday, 4 June 2009

(that is the most appetising MacDonald's i've seen since becoming vegetarian). Lagerfeld, i couldn't agree more. that, coupled with my desperation not to explode into a shuffling, grossly overweight heffer once i became comfortable in my relationship. i watched through apprehensive eyes as others ballooned - it was not going to be me. a year and a half later, i've lost almost a stone and two, three dress sizes? six and four are my new favourite numbers! i feel smaller, but not entirely tiny - i wholly agree with the sentiment that you can never be too thin (or too rich).

oh, my prom dress arrived the other day and it truly is gorgeous - smooth satiny swirls of the richest raspberry that glues right tight to my soft body. i hope R likes it, that he likes ME in it (an entirely liquid soup diet for the week beforehead is an unfortunate necessity). i saw him for the last time for two weeks last night and it broke my heart to see him leave this morning; i woke up with boi hands on my hips, strong sinewy arms locked round my torso and legs all tangled up with mine, it felt so perfect.

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