Sunday, 14 June 2009

so. due to exams i have been abit absent, in both spirit and body - i feel all fluid and fragile, as if the merest of flicks could disperse me into all the four corners of the earth! soon exams will be over, five days! i can't wait! sister and i have been revising like rabbits, plotting our work on huge expanses of paper that wallpaper our rooms. but said sister arrived at my house yesterday with glittery tears in her eyes - it would appear that her veganism has induced her parents disapproval (tupperware was involved). we indulged in facemasks of the Lush variety and watched half of He's Just Not That Into You before our illegal viewing channel crumbled and broke (we approve of this film so far).

earlier that day, however, i roused myself from slumber earlier to peruse the shops - merely window shopping, until i found this absolutely stunning dress in h&m of all places! its absolutely gorgeous and it just FEELS like summer!

i also treated myself to Lush's "I Love Juicy" shampoo for abominably greasy hair, from which i unfortunately suffer - i shall review once i have used it, but meanwhile it smells yummy - kiwis, oranges, pineapples and other fruity scents.

anyway, moving onto a recent mini (very) mini Body Shop splurge, i am so impressed with their brushes! having suffered for the last year with disgusting handmedowns from my mother, i decided to treat myself to some makeup brushes from the Body Shop after hearing good things (and 20% off on all makeup), and im so glad i did! i got the face and body brush and the blusher brush as well as a blusher. (i apologise for the poor quality of the pictures that follow: i don't have a personal camera, and my fone camera is about 1pixel, so i have to borrow my mum's phone to take any photos! how shameful...)

the face & body brush is the perfect size with THE softest bristles that sooth your face. i use it for applying my translucent powder to set my makeup, and it picks up JUST the right amount on and dusts the perfect layer of powder on - my previous brush just caked it on, giving me a really awkwardly nasty texture on my face.

the blusher brush is not a shape that im accustomed to: its alot flatter which i was initially unsure about. however, like the face & body brush, the bristles are gorgeously luxurious and it applies nicely along the cheekbones. yay!

lastly, is my blusher from the Body Shop - i bought the Cheek Colour in Golden Pink 04, taken in by its name and pinky/peachy appearance. i am disappointed by the packaging - its oval and the silver casing is horribly cheap and tacky. the colour is nice, but not very pigmented at all - you have to apply quite alot to get enough colour on your cheeks and its alot pinkier than i anticpiated, i wanted peach! i'm very disappointed - i definiately won't be buying it again!

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Anonymous said...

i'm liking the beauty bit to the blog now. & i prefer your background like that than the flowers. i will find the rest of the film to watch! i swear