Sunday, 7 June 2009

i'm such a trembling, shaking bag of nerves! my first exam is tomorrow (Cromwell) and i feel nauseous at the thought of having to pick up a pen and writing about the Hail Commission, dissolution of the Rump (snigger) and many other things! the most awful aspect of these exams is not only not knowing what questions will i encounter, but the sheer magntiude and scope that we must pound into our heads (and then immediantly discard in favour of another subject)! i shall be up all night twisting my fingers into knots and my face into gruesome grimaces.

ive found a little salvation in the comforting realms of beauty blogs! unlike fashion blogs, which i love to peruse but cannot quite "get" half the time, the beauty blog speak my language entirely. i've always known i have the capacity to get addicted to makeup (even moreso than now) and consquently, ive just decided to embrace it warmly with open arms. ive conjured up a makeup wishlist, which is impossibly long and i have yet to find a peachy pink blusher that isnt Super Orgasm. i have pacified myself with the promise that once my exams are over, i will go on a massive beauty shopping splurge and buy whatever i want, even if it cleans out my bank account (insert BIRTHDAY ££££ here...two weeks!!).
currently, i am longing for;

- Dior Forever Extreme Wear Foundation
- YSL Gloss Pur in Pure Coral (no.3) or Pure Raspberry (no.4)
- Maybelline Sun Glow Bronzing Drops
- 17 Shimmer/bronze Pearls
- GOSH Blusher Brush
- GOSH Powder Brush
- Cornsilk Loose Powder
- some sort of peachy/pink/golden blush!!!!

i might just go now and cry a little.


Anonymous said...

don't cry! you'll be fine. trust me you'll ace it :D

$ym said...

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