Monday, 16 March 2009

excellent news; ive finally started writing (it). after months of prolonged fear that i would unable, incapable, would appear that i am not! the process is incredibly tedious tho, like ensuring the equal distribution of peas on plates. except abit more so.
i am less miserable than usual, however, i suspect this is from sheer tiredness rather than an
increase in good circumstance.
tho...i did get a black, gold chain classic flap 2.55 medium chanel bag!!!!!!!
its for when i turn eighteen...(t-minus three months)

and claire and i booked our holiday on friday. tarragona here we come!
that always bring the thought to food, unfortunately (food for thought...HAH)
and i so desperately want to be tiny for the holiday!

i shall have to struggle on.
im sorry. all my eloquency has been re-routed to my history essay.
here are some shoes i would like,

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